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Greetings from all of us at Bumblebee Leadership Academy! 

We are happy to share with you that we are launching one of our most successful programs ‘Parivarthan – The Transformation’ as a public program on 2nd Dec.


We have been conducting this as an in-house program with corporates and the participants have found this very useful to gain better self-awareness and to prepare them for change with more confidence and positive attitude. We believe this program will be useful for professionals to improve their ability to anticipate, adapt and lead change.  


One Day Experiential Leadership Workshop

Values and Beliefs based approach for Driving Personal and Organisational Change


“… it is not the Most Intelligent of the Species that survives; it is not the Strongest that Survives; 

but it is the One that is Most Adaptable to Change!” - Charles Darwin

“Your Attitude, not aptitude, will determine your Altitude” Zig Zagler 


“Change Your Thoughts and Change Your World.”- Lao Tzu 

This workshop would help the participants to:

·         Create self-awareness by discovering their values, beliefs and attitudes

·         Create self-empowering beliefs that enable Change and manage limiting beliefs and emotions that hinder the progress 

·         Know their personal learning style and how to learn new behaviours and skills

·         Understand and practise Parivarthan Process - a step-by-step approach to embrace personal change

·         Analyze Organisational change and understand how to drive change

·         Understand the Neuroscience behind Change and apply techniques to train the brain 


What the participants say

“The learning model is an eye-opener for me! This will help to identify and act on developing the right skills needed to be effective in my new role”

“I will start looking at change as something positive and how to bring about positive change on an ongoing basis”

“I got an excellent insight into myself … my beliefs and attitude that limit my growth!”

“The purpose driven approach makes solving problems much easier and to take better decisions”

Facilitated By

·         Experienced Facilitators from Bumblebee Leadership Academy, who have vast experience in Business and Leadership Development 

For Whom      

·         This workshop will help professionals who Lead People and need to Drive Change


Date and Time  2nd December 2016 9 am to 6 pm

Venue                  Hotel Ramada Encore Domlur Bangalore

For additional information / clarification, Contact   

GN  +91 9845025586        

Magesh +91 9886559292


GN +91 9845025586
Magesh +91 9886559292


Ramada Encore
Bangalore, Karnataka